August 6, 2008

Validation of iphone blogging

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I may be a computer engineer but I take very little pleasure in messing around with commercial software at home. Installing the wordpress software on my phone required updates, accounts and passwords which Peter lovingly dealt with when he got home from work.

This left me free to make dinner and run around taking picture of everything with my phone (including myself).

Let’s play catch-up via pictures:
We planted grapes in the back yard in hopes of covering up an ugly back fence and shed. Peter pointed out that the Internet says grapes need lots of sun (which that part of the yard doesn’t really get) but I planted them anyway, being too stubborn and lazy to go buy some other climbing vine. I can always go do that if they die, right?

Our new house has a brick pillar that runs from the bedroom on the top floor through the kitchen on the middle floor down through the laundry room on the ground floor.

Apparently it is hollow and used to be used for venting “in the old days” (the house was built in the early 1900s) but now just stands in the way of us and our remodeled kitchen. So, Peter bought a chisel, crawled into the attic, and started chipping away. Here are the results:

He actually tries to get into bed with his feet like this. (I’m ashamed to admit it but he did get into bed with his feet like this, but only after promising to wash the sheets the next day.)(Which he didn’t do.)


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  1. […] and I have done a couple of projects so far along the lines of this plan. We planted grapes along the back fence. One day I went crazy and espaliered the Camelia. Then one weekend Peter and I […]

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