August 6, 2008

Teeny Tiny Mini Bath

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Our house is three stories (if you include the garage level) and only has a bathroom on the top floor. This makes for fun running when you get home from a long car ride. There is only one place where a half bath could go on the living floor and that is underneath the staircase (the living floor has not a single closet). This is a *very* small space, approximately two and a half feet wide and four feet long.

Luckily for us our next door neighbour’s house is the mirror image of ours, and he has already installed said mini-bath. So we’ve called his contractor and are expecting a quote sometime tonight (hopefully). The quote should be pretty accurate since the contractor has already done this once, right?

I’d like the new bath to complement the old one, which was remodeled by the previous owner:

The pedestal sink drives me nuts because there is no where to set your make up bag while trying to get ready in the morning. Additionally the only place the kitty-litter box will fit is to the right of the sink, so you have no place to put a hand towel because it will fall of the knob and into the litter box (ewww). The bathroom is beautiful though, and a little over-the-top — notice the chandelier. There is one in almost every room, so of course I want to put one in the new bathroom!

My mom has a half bath in her house with pink (pink!) marble that I feel inspired by, but I don’t like rooms to be forced into one color scheme. I prefer to have the permanent bits such as the tile, sink, toilet, mirror, be neutral, then add a color scheme through paint and towels which are cheaper and easier to change. Since the existing bathroom has a blue-white color scheme I want the new one to be pink-white. I’m thinking pale pink walls, white base boards, white marble for the floor and the sink top, and hot pink towels! The last part mostly because my mom just bought me a set of them :)

Here are some inspirations for the bathroom sink:

This one is probably too big

Very cute, but the plumbing will show underneath

Very cute, but the plumbing will show underneath

My favorite with a little bit of storage and counter space.

My favorite with a little bit of storage and counter space.

Peter likes the sinks with space underneath so that we can fit a second litter box in. I prefer the storage, so that I can have a place to store more make up and jewelry. I’m not sure the one I like will actually fit though, and will probably be harder to find. The neighbor just has a little wall mounted sink on one wall, with the plumbing showing underneath. I keep meaning to ask him if I can go over and take some pictures and measurements.

Oddly enough, my mom has a spare toilet sitting in her shed, so we won’t have to buy one. We will need to buy the door, lights (chandelier!), fixtures, and a mirror. I’m hoping we can get a medicine cabinet in on either one or both walls.

Any other ideas, suggestions?


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