August 6, 2008

A Tasty Uninspired Meal

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Leftovers and roasted vegetables! Our staple meal consists of slicing up vegetables, tossing them on a cookie sheet wrapped in aluminum foil, drizzling them oil, showering them in ground salt and pepper, then roasting them at 450 degrees for fifteen plus minutes.

Beets and yams

Peter likes his al dente, which is at about the fifteen minute mark, I like mine slightly browned around the edges, which probably takes closer to twenty five minutes. When you’re done you just toss the aluminum foil and there is zero cleanup! We do this with potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams (I add some curry powder for these three), beets, carrots, onions, garlic, artichokes, brussel sprouts.. you get the idea.

Purple sweet potatoes with curry powder

The second half of our meal is left-over macaroni and cheese that we made last night. Peter is a big fan of the “glowy orange kind” but I found out a year ago that I’m allergic to wheat, so that will be off the menu until they come out with a rice-pasta version. There are actually a couple of rice-pasta versions that are sold at the hippy grocery store that range from decent to bland cardboard. Last night we made none of these though. Last night we made kill-you-with-fat baked macaroni and cheese! I originally bookmarked the recipe when it was published in the New York Times, but forgot about it until I saw it again on the smitten kitchen blog: creamy baked mac-and-cheese

We substituted the pasta for a brown rice variety that we found at the grocery store. I thought about pre-boiling it (the recipe doesn’t call for this) because I think rice pasta takes longer to cook, but in the end laziness won out (oi). Lucky for me it mostly worked out. After the hour cooking time I tasted a noodle before taking the dish out of the oven to find the noodles still rather crunchy. I thought about somehow adding more water and cooking time but the dish was so full it would never fit so we decided to just eat it as-is. We took it out of the oven and let it sit for the recommended 15 minutes and magic! it was cooked! The top is still a bit hard so I think next time I would keep the aluminum foil over it for the second half hour in the oven. This would get rid of any crunchy top, but I’d rather have all of the noodles cooked.

When just went to the smitten kitchen blog to find the link to the recipe I see she has a *new* macaroni and cheese recipe I didn’t notice before! Hrmmm, something to try next time:
martha’s macaroni-and-cheese martha’s creamy mac

Gratuitous shot of the cool purple sweet potato Peter brought home from the farmer’s market:


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